03.01.14 - Portavin sells NZ bottling business

Portavin New Zealand Limited business has been sold.

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Sparkling Filling in Sydney

The new ambient temperature sparkling filler is installed and operational at Portavin NSW.

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Portavin WA passes BRC Audits:

Both Margaret River and Perth sites passed their December BRC audits.




Wine Dry Goods Supply & Co-ordination - Portavin Margaret River
Portavin has key national agreements covering the sales, distribution and warehousing of dry goods to the Australian wine industry. Agreements include:
  • Sales, distribution and warehousing of Orora Glass (previously AMCOR Glass) - South Australian based manufacturer of glass wine bottles, with a minimum of 1,000 pallets of glass available on this site ready for dispatch. Orora Glass Link
  • Sole Australian distribution of the Vinguard aluminum screwcap closure by Orora Closures (previously Amcor Closures Australasia)- Victorian based manufacturer of aluminum screwcaps. Orora Closures Link

These agreements ensure our clients gain advantages of the volume buying capacity of the National Portavin Group.

Portavin Margaret River is able to provide a large range of dry goods, not just limited to glass and screw closures. Most non-branded dry goods can be supplied “by the dozen” providing a convenient service to our clients with the following advantages:

  • A price advantage with Portavin supplying a complete package
  • Saves our clients time in organizing and tracking dry goods
  • No wastage costs or left overs
  • No stock inventory or storage charges and date of invoicing is date of completion of bottling
  • No inwards goods unloading fees
  • No tracking of glass pallets and layer boards, with no deposit/refund situation

For printed dry goods Portavin can assist with artwork and packaging designs as well as advising on production line compatibility.

Portavin Margaret River can supply the following Dry Goods:

Wine Bottles/Softpacks:
  • Orora (previously Amcor) Glass Bottles
  • Other Glass Bottles
  • Cheerpacks
  • PET Bottles – Claret PET bottles, Antique Green.

Wine Closures:

  • Orora (previuosly Amcor) Vinguard 30x60 Screw closures
  • Embossed (side and top) 30x60 Screw closures
  • WAK New Generation Screw closures
  • Corks – Natural, Twin Top, Synthetic
  • Vapex Corks– advantages of Vapex Corks: 
    • Virtually no TCA (cork taint from trichloroanisole)
    • No random oxidation
    • Cheaper than cork
    • Capsules - Tin/PVC

Cartons & Dividers:

  • Cartons – 6 pack & 12 pack - plain cartons (White or Brown), printed cartons (up to 4 colour), Vinporter and shelf ready, barcoding.
    We can liaise with a local carton printer, to print your proprietary cartons and provide pricing options.
  • Dividers – variety, to suit supplied cartons


  • Pallets – plain
  • Pallets - 2 way and 4 way heat treated
  • NB: If you have a pallet account, we can manage it while it is on our site.

Sundry Items:

  • Labels - We can liaise with a local label printer, to manufacture your labels. Once your artwork has been provided to the printer in a useable form, we can monitor delivery, ensuring availability for bottling.
  • Slip Sheets – PVC and cardboard
  • Pallet Corners
  • Plastic Dust Preventative Top Sheet

Screw Cap Closure

Natural Cork


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