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Portavin represents the world’s leading yeast supplier, Fermentis in Australia and New Zealand and can supply you with the highest quality wine making yeast products.

Fermentis is dedicated to selecting and producing high quality yeast and yeast products for the wine making industry. The Fermentis range of products has been specifically developed to meet the quality requirement of winemakers worldwide focusing on aroma and character development.

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Product Range:

Active Dry Yeast

YeastSt Georges S101: For fruity red and rosé wines

  •  Cryophilic strain producing high levels of esters
  •  Recommended for specific processes leading to the production of young wines
  • Download the specification sheet.

CK S102: The ideal strain for aromatic white wines

  • To intensify aromatic profiles of white wines from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F)
  • The combination of perfect kinetic and aromatic freshness development
  • Download the specification sheet

BC S103: The choice for extreme conditions

  • Very high alcohol tolerance
  •  Ideal for sparkling wines, stuck fermentations as well as secondary fermentations

Download the specification sheet.

UCLM S325: Varietal characters at their best

UCLM S377: For powerful premium red wines

  • Regular slow fermenter recommended for long maceration winemaking processes
  • Ideal to balance the mouth feel of tannic premium red wines
  • Download the specification sheet

VR 44: For safe fermentations and prise de mousse

SC 22: THE original starter yeast

NDA 21: The choice for elegant fruity style red wines

  • Allows the production of wines with intense colours, fruity notes and great mouth feel characteristics
  • Specially recommended for international grape cultivars such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz
  • Download the specification sheet


  • Recommended to enhance the aromatic profile of different style of wines
  • Promotes and contributes to the development of primary and secondary aromas
  • Download the specification sheet


Characterisation Aids

Springcell Colour: Enhancing color and smoothness

  • Twice richer in polysachharides than inactivated yeast Performs on the intensity and stabilisation of colours
  • Perfectly adapts to tannic grape cultivars by reducing astringency
  • Download the specification sheet

Springarom®: Preserving aromatic freshness of white wines

Springcell Manno: The best of lees for balanced, rich and stable wines

  • A maturation product that gives roundness, body and volume to finished wines
  • Recommended for barrel matured wines in addition or replacement of lees
  • Download the specification sheet

Fermentation Aids

Bioferm: The 100% organic fermentation booster

  • Organic nitrogen source rich in bio nutrients and support compounds
  • Synergic effect with mineral nitrogen (ammonia)
  • Develops esters and makes aromas more intense.
  • Download the specification sheet

Bioferm® Xtrem: For difficult fermentation conditions

Bioferm® Equilibre: The health package of your yeast

  • Based on mineral and organic nitrogen synergic effect to secure fermentations
  • Best nutritional choice against sluggish or stuck fermentations.
  • Download the specification sheet

ViniLiquid : NEW ! A springer oenologie innovation for secured fermentations

  • The synergy between soluble and insoluble parts of highly degarded autolyzed yeast
  • Particularly adapted to difficult fermentable musts s
  • First ever liquid yeast autolyzate
  • Download the specification sheet

Springcell: The original pure yeast cell walls

  • A 100% natural detoxifier
  • An important source of yeast survival factors to treat stuck fermentations
  • Guarantees healthy fermentations to help wines express 100% of their character and aromas
  • Download the specification sheet


Fermentis – Technical

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Matt Alridge
Matt Alridge – Yeast Specialist


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